Zombie Shredded Girls Halloween Costume

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Includes: Dress with 3-D Guts Waist Cinch

Does your little girl want to be a zombie for Halloween? If so, it's not uncommon and it's a great gift idea that is really going to allow you to explore the options in creating the perfect costume. One of the hottest options that you'll find is this to perfect it all, the shredded guts belt that will attach to her exactly as you need it to, adding the finishing touches to every part of this costume.

This is designed to be lightweight and will fit her exactly, allowing you more freedom to design the rest of the costume comfortably and however you see as being best. She'll love the attention to detail, too, and it's sure to make for some great photos! If you decide to dress up like a zombie, too, you'll have a great family photo to enjoy that will make everyone do a double take for the best reasons.