Yellow Labrador Stuffed Animal 24" Tall

Yellow Labrador Stuffed Animal 24" Tall

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Do you have a yellow Labrador? Are you a lover of this breed of dog? You'll be able to make sure that you have it anywhere and everywhere you go with this stuffed dog. Measuring 24" x 11" x 31", this is a great tall dog plush that is going to help you enjoy it in your home.

This is a great idea for a child that wants a plush, and it is also a great realistic dog plush in terms of its accuracy to the realistic dog breed. You'll love the fuzzy of the plush, perfect for little arms to hug. Whether this is going to be a realistic decor piece in your home, or a staple in your child's playroom, it's ideal.

To guarantee its quality of construction, this is hand-made and crafted to make sure that it's going to be something that you keep in your home for years and them some, whether it's for children or adults or anyone in between.

Fun Fact - Labs were originally used for fishing.

Lifelike plush toy with beautiful markings and realistic details

Hand-crafted with care

Soft polyester fabric

3+ Years

24" x 11" x 31"