Wonder Woman Halloween One Piece Costume

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Need Amazing Wonder Women Boots?

For the superhero fan in your life, this beautiful one piece costume is perfect. It will offer the right appeal in the realistic Wonder Woman lookalike, but it's ideal for those that need something that is fairly simple to wear and enjoy in terms of getting everything done.

Perfect and on the list for trendy costumes for 2017, this costume is going to be ideal for a teen or an adult who has always wanted to be able to call herself a superhero. You'll be able to get it all to come together here in a costume that fits as its supposed to, but is still focusing on being realistic to this famous superhero's look and feel.

You'll have access to a red top with gold belt, blue skirt with attached shorts, gold and red shin guards with attached boot tops, headband tiara, arm band, and metallic gauntlets, all which come together to form what you see in front of you. And, what you'll see in the mirror when you get it all for yourself. There's no bad traits to be had, here, that's for sure.