Women's Sloth Tank top

$ 32.00

Summer is in, in some places and is on its way in, in others. This sloth tank top for women is the perfect way to be comfortable and fashionable in the weather that is just around the corner. A high quality vintage feel shirt with a great fashion cut for women to flatter your body - not matter what your body type and made of a lightweight Tri Blend Fabric, this particular top made in the USA is sure to have you celebrate summer, despite the heat. Because, it is going to make you feel amazingly comfortable.


The sloth image while coming across as a cheeky reference to how we feel in peak summer, is also a good pop cultural reference. Immensely popular, especially since the release of the Ice Age movies, the Croods and Zootopia, the sloth imagery always puts a smile on whoever comes across it. These animals are truly difficult not to enjoy watching with their easy, slow, sleepy way of moving and doing things. Ofcourse, that does not define you. The flattering cut, really lovely fabric and feel of absolute combined will have you moving around pretty actively. But were you to sit and laze around, the sloth would definitely speak for you!


Made of breathable material, the top has natural look to it. The black sloth print with its characteristic hint of a smile and movement gives it a feel of lazy summer afternoons. Available in three sizes of small, medium and large, you can pair it with any kind of lowers actually for it to look anywhere between super cool and super gorgeous.