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Purple Paisley Bathrobe

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We have put together a cotton sleepwear and bathrobe together in an adorable purple paisley print for your comfort. A one size fits all for women, this 100% cotton flannel long robe brings together comfort, beauty and style seamlessly.
Amazingly well tailored, with a pocket for things youd like to keep handy, and a smart binding sach, this is a range that we are proud and happy to present to you. Buy for yourself or to gift the woman in your life.
You could even check back for other prints. However, this particular variation derives itself from the ancient Persian design and this particular piece brings together this design with a modern cut and style for this particular robe. While you are sure to be ultra comfortable in this robe, it will make you feel attractive and confident as you pass by your mirrors too. So keep it for yourself, gift it to people you love or simply hang it in the guest room closet. Its a must have.