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Wolf Small Stuffed Animal 12"

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Want to remind everyone that, stereotypes aside, that the wolf is a charming and cheery animal? Then this brilliant wolf stuffed animal is just what you need to make that possible. Thanks to this animal, you can enjoy spending some time around a stuffed plush toy that is comfortable to cuddle with, that carries off a particular charm and style, and maintains a character and class even after years of hard and continuous cuddling!

For many reasons, then, this wolf studded animal is one of the most impressive of its kind. If you are a fan of these charming and intelligent little creatures, then why not celebrate their intelligence and their style with this plush?

Friendly and firm, this makes the perfect choice for ensuring you can have all the fun that you need long-term with a plush toy that offers years worth of comfort, companionship and cuddles at



Wolf Stuffed Animal 12"