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Grey Wolf Mascot Adult Halloween Costume

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Beware the big bad wolf is in town – stay away or you might end up as his dinner! The wolf costume is as real and fun as it gets, and is perfect for fancy dress get togethers, children’s birthdays, or Halloween.


It is One Size and fits most adults – the fitting is snug, but not too tight or overly loose.

Simple to put on and take off – you don’t have to struggle with it as the convenient design makes it easily manageable.

Made of high quality plush, the costume doesn’t rip, snag, or tear even after repeated usage. The softness is retained after numerous washes as well.

No need to bump your way around – the see-through eye mesh ensures that visibility isn’t compromised.

The two protruding teeth with the huge red mouth, fluffy feet covers, and bushy tail emphasizes the effect of this outfit.


Time to get scared people!