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Wolf Animal Hoodie

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Wolf Costumes

Now, go super cool with the Wolf Animal Hoodie. In the smart and market trending colours of grey and slate white, complete with funky wolf heads for the hood, this is the hoodie everyone has been waiting for!

Pair it with jeans, pyjamas, tights or trousers or simply wear it as a jacket over whatever you are wearing out. You are sure to look party ready anyway!

Made of the same superior quality fleece that our line of onesies are famous for, the hoodie is a pleasure to touch and great comfort to wear.

While you are upping your cool quotient, remember this is one hoodie which is equally well suited for parties - both costume and otherwise, re-enactments, story telling nights, playing with kids, having fun with your partner and role plays as well as daytime errands.

Made with your fun and attractive personality in mind, this will suit you mood of being bohemian-chic and/or funky-over the top and even Halloween or mellow. Simply put, this is a wardrobe must have and you should totally order one right away!






Go ahead and be the head turner.