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Unicorn Mini Stuffed Animal 8"

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This wonderful purple unicorn plush toy is the personification of charm and personality. Designed with a unique pink and purple mane, this wonderful plush toy can be the perfect gift for anyone in your life who is a fan of fantasy and of engaging their imagination to make something a little more spectacular come to life.

Whatever you are looking for, whatever you hope to see, you can quickly find that this purple unicorn plush toy is your perfect option. When you need an extra touch of charm and personality added to any location, design or collection of plush toys, this purple unicorn toy is all that you need to make that possible.

Regardless of what you are looking for, a unicorn can offer that level of hope, positivity and friendliness that escapes too many lives. Finish off, or start, a new collection of wonderful fantasy toys with this purple unicorn plush toy!