Unicorn Pixel Gold Glitter Case For Apple iphone Samsung Phones

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When your phone is so special and handy for you, and it is your constant companion, then why not treat it nicely by protecting it with an attractive back cover. This shiny and gaudy phone cover with shimmering golden touch will leave onlookers agape and impressed. It displays goodness of belief and faith clearly visible from its strong “I believe in me” statement imprinted gracefully with dark yellow color along with pixelated unicorn design and rainbows for happiness. This mesmerizing cover has falling stars designed along the entire length in golden color that adds to its royal look. It efficiently protects your expensive phone and is suitable for casing iphone 5, 6 & 6 plus, Galaxy Note and Galaxy S5, S6 and the latest Galaxy S6 Edge. Made from premium material, this phone cover is very durable and long-lasting. It is the right bling for your phone and an impressive apple of everyone’s eyes.


For iPhone 6 Plus, For iPhone 6, For iPhone 5, For Galaxy Note 4, For Galaxy S5, For Galaxy S6, For Galaxy S6 Edge, For Galaxy Note 3, For iPhone 5c