Unicorn Mask Animal Adult Size

$ 24.99

While every person is dressing up like some kind of ghost or ghoul on Halloween, wouldn’t you prefer to stand out from the rest? Without a doubt, you need to choose an eye-catching costume, and what better option can there be than a unicorn mask!


  • Bring back this extinct, yet beautiful animal back to life – don the mask with flair and confidence.
  • Latex construction – the mask is sturdy but flexible, so you won’t have any problems wearing it for long hours.
  • Robust make ensures it doesn’t rip or tear even after using the mask multiple times.
  • The unicorn’s snowy white mane, deep blue eyes, along with the regal horn at the center of the forehead, makes it seem all the more real.
  • The pink snout with teeth adds the ideal finishing touch to the costume.


Hurry and place the order for your very own unicorn mask now!