Unicorn Glitter Case I Puke Rainbows For Apple iphone Samsung Phones

$ 19.99

 Your phone is very precious, because you are emotionally attached to the gadget you spend so many hours on daily basis, and it comes at a whooping price. Give your phone a cute and dreamy cover that features the fairy animal unicorn and is beautifully adorned with falling stars and confetti so unique and stunning.

Your phone deserves to be special and exhibit an exclusive look. Let it shine out in style. It is time to get some heads turned with this baroque phone cover protecting your iPhone and Samsung phones. Its glittery outlook will entice the onlookers and add an oomph factor to your expressions. This hard case perfectly covers and protects your phone by clinging like a magnet on its back and fits right to cover the sides as well. Sparkle and keep talking, get this phone cover right now and outshine through its amazing and peculiar design.


iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, Galaxy Note 4,  For Galaxy S5, For Galaxy S6, For Galaxy S6 Edge, For Galaxy Note 3, For iPhone 5c