Tiger Onesie for Adults

Tiger Onesie for Adults

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Tiger Costumes

Are your family, friends, and partner afraid of being with a tiger? Now rest their fears to rest with this uber cute and attractive tiger onesie for adults. Complete with tiger stripes and a suitably magnificent tiger tail, this pink inner eared tiger onesie has an uber cute tiger face upon its hood!

Made with the softest and most cozy fleece we could find, this will be one tiger everyone would want to snuggle with, read stories with and enjoy the company of at costume parties, cosplays, children’s get-togethers and more!

Coming in four sizes, easy to maintain and fun to wear, the tiger onesies for adults taps into your inner Big Cat. Let it out now with complete style and panache and let it roar! The Tiger Onesie is designed to make sure that you have maximum comfort in movement!

So prowl around like the Big Cat, throw in a fun party or two and generally have a great time being the Tiger!