Stitch Onesie "Halfsie" for Adults

$ 45.00


So cute and joyous that it will have everyone smiling around you, this white fronted blue cotton halfsie is the ultimate character look. Designed to suit summer cosplays, picnics and sleepovers, amazingly comfortable and in cotton, with blue cuffs and a bright blue nose, this can be a prized addition to your funky wardrobe.


Stitch the blue koala-like alien with large rabbit-like ears, a wide mouth, a round nose, huge fun and naughty eyes is what you would rock your World as while in keeping with looking really cool because after all, it is a halfsie!  Made of great cotton material,  it is available in four sizes and can even be a great gift.


Pick one today because honestly, there is no one better and funner than Stitch! And that could be you.