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Snow Leoperd Animal Slippers With Claws

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This adorable pair of Snow Leopard Animal Slippers with Claws is the kind of Animal Paw you are looking for, for Halloween and other Parties! Make a fashion statement like no other wearing these with your outfit or with a onesie to match or simply gift it to someone you love. With a one size for all, this plush pair comes in a shoe Length of 10.25 and a Width of 6.25

A super cute design for comfort and warmth this is perfect for ladies from the age of 8 to 12 and of course teenagers! In typical Snow Leopard fashion, it has a speckled black on white faux fur, an attractive soft black interior and fashionable black claws. Together, it indeed looks like a stylised and soft snow leopard claw feet, only way more cuter and of course totally wearable. So be the big cat and enjoy the feel that comes with it.