Smiley Mouse Plush Onesie

$ 39.99

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Squeak squeak! With the help of this awesome mouse plush onesie, you have all the help that you need in really capturing that particular look that everyone is going to recognize immediately. Make sure that your onesie choice is going to be one of class and charm, as well as one of comedic culture. With the help of this smiley mouse onesie, you ensure that you are going to carry off the most engrossing and dynamic of styles.

Few solutions can offer the same comfort, comedy and class as the smiley mouse onesie – it’s the perfect representation of hilarity! For a onesie that ensures you can feel nice and comfortable while making sure everyone knows exactly who you are supposed to be, this is it.

Make sure your costume design can be utilized as a double-comfy plush onesie in the future, made to become a durable costume turned solution.