Sheep Short Sleeve Onesie

$ 49.99

Are you looking for something calm, cute and funky at the same time? Then, this is the ideal onesie for you. Mixing all the diverse elements which do not seemingly go together, this sheep short sleeve onesie at the length of long shorts is a fantastic one to own. In the cool colours of grey, white and light yellow with pretty blue eyes, pointy ears, grey horns and yellow lining, the front buttoned up, this is the kind of onesie that you really have loads of fun wearing. Made of flannel which is soft to touch and very comfortable to wear, this is sure to keep you snug, cozy and comfortable throughout the night.

This is actually the perfect example of a lovely kigurumi creation. The relaxing fit, the fun design and the comfort is simply amazing. A Japanese word, Kigurumi" is actually a combination of twowords: kiru("to wear") and nuigurumi ("stuffed toy"). While, traditionally, it were performers who would the costume; today the word defines the costumes by themselves. Quick to put on, you could even wear them over your everyday wear and jazz it up in seconds. Also amazingly helpful when entertaining a child or chilling with friends.