Red Striped Footed Pajamas Womens Onesie

$ 49.99

This Red Striped Footed Pajamas for Women is a Onesie that treads the rather delicate line between being super cute, attractive and super comfortable. With a design that speaks of expert cutting and tailoring, these are sure to keep you warm, snug and cozy all night from the tip of your toe upwards.

The Red Stripe design is fashionable and is in keeping with the latest style. Overall, this onesie is a statement of elegance and a winning sense of comfort. The comfort and coziness comes not only from the cut but also from the use of ultra softmaterial. It is also really sturdy and long lasting with reinforced lining. Incase you are thinking of safety in terms of movement since it comes footed, worry not as we have ensured grips on bottom of the feet to ensure your safety in movement so your chances of slipping and falling get absolutely minimised. Bring sheer comfort home with this pair.