Rainbow Bear Onesie

Rainbow Bear Onesie

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Baby pink with the rainbow belly insignia of the Care Bear - prepare to be amazed as you identify with the bright, colorful, happy and super cheerful personality of the Rainbow Bear!

Soft to touch and a lovely comfort to wear and snuggle into, the Onesie not only looks great but feels amazing too- and all of this because it is made of the softest fleece.

Finished well, it has a front closure and is full sleeved. You are sure to not want to get out of it if it is chilly outside.

Perfect to wear for storytelling, costume parties, childrens parties, re-enactments, remember it carries the very cheerful and loving personality of the Rainbow Bear. You are sure to love it. And so is everyone around you.

So, go ahead an order a Rainbow Bear Onesie, right away.