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Rabbit Mask Animal Adult Size

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A latex rabbit mask which fits most adult heads, this is an ideal purchase if you like quirky things is planning to throw a party or simply want to have something fun lying around. Ideal for classrooms, storytelling sessions, photo booth, Halloween, re-enactments, and theatre, this is a well-crafted piece simply waiting for you to buy.

Complete with bunny rabbit teeth, nose, ears, whiskers, fur and every other detail making it look shockingly real, this is a must-have. You could even interpret the mask as creepy and use it to its maximum potential when planning a prank or simply use it for a childrens party when you let the kids sit around to hear a story from a rabbit perspective. Whatever be your plans, this rabbit mask is sure to fit right in and blend in seamlessly with the rest of the quirky setting. And if you are heading out for a carrot picking, this would be more than just ideal.