Pokemon Pikachu Big Face With Ears Yellow Trucker Hat

$ 26.00


Trucker hats are cool. The Pokemon Pikachu Trucker Hat is cooler. Donned by celebrities especially musicians as well as for the everyday running around by all and sundry, Trucker Hats keep your hair away from your face and your head less sweaty. Indeed with its slightly curved bill in front that shades your face from the Sun, the front section of the hat being of foam, and the rest in plastic mesh, it is super breathable!  

Cool already in design and utility, we have now given it a fun twist with the Pokemon Pikachu Trucker Hat. With the fun and cute Pikachu face upon the hat, in yellow and black complete with its smile, red circles of blush and black tipped pointed ears, the Pokemon Pikachu Trucker Hat is what you could wear to a Birthday Party or when having a fun time in general! Afterall, everyone loves Pikachu!