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Plush Unicorn Slippers Adult Size

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Some things are just made for the best times at home and house parties. The plush unicorn slippers are one such creation. Made of snow white fleece with a gray base, a sweet smile on its nose, eyes with pulled out eyelashes, tiny snorty nostrils and pink check strokes and the coolest golden yellow uni horn, this one is the thing to buy right away and wear around, feel happy, click heels in the air and show off to friends and family.

 Absolutely adorable, it measures 28.6cm / 11.25in in length and is available in the one size suitable to most adults on this planet! So it is absolutely made for you to order home. Feel comforted, snug and happy as you step out of a bath or come home after a rough day as your feet feel pampered the moment you snuck them into these slippers. A good present to family, friends and to also keep in your guest room! Get one today.

  •  One Size Suitable for Most Adults