PitBull TankTop Rainbow

$ 28.00

This funky, super cute tank top is hand dyed. After which it is printed using organic water based inks and dyes. Being organic, you can rest assured that the dyes used are not at all harmful to your body nor the environment. In fact, these are 100% Oekotex 100 certified. This guarantees that the T-shirts are absolutely 100 percent free of chemicals that may be harmful to your body.


Featuring a pop art Pitbull with the legend Beware of Pitbulls. They will steal your heart, this would be a great addition to your collection. Not only is it fashionable, funky and right up the style street, it is also extremely comfortable to wear.


From the design label The Mountain, featured for being totally chemical free and absolutely harmless for the skin, the Pitbull graphic is cute, funky and attractive. Using myriad pop art motifs while not compromising with the innately endearing Pitbull face, this tank top is an ideal gift for dog lovers and dog parents too!


Pair it with a summer jacket, short pants and brogues; with a gypsy skirt; shorts or slacks. You could go running in this or wear it to a casual outing or even hit a happening party spot. The possibilities and combinations are many and absolutely sure to amp up your appeal several notches. You could even choose this to lounge around in at home.


A perfect summer staple, this tank top is sure to be of a lot of use. Buy here today.



They are hand dyed and printed using organic water based inks and dyes that are not harmful to your body or the environment. The Mountain t-shirts are 100% Oekotex 100 certified, which guarantees the t-shirts are 100 percent free of chemicals that are harmful to your body.