Pikachu Onesie for Kids

$ 38.99

The Pikachu Onesie for Children has arrived!  Made with the softest flannel keeping kids comfortable and happy, this is cute the star of the Pokemon franchise. A solid representation of Pikachu as envisaged in the series with the black-tipped, pointy ears and red circular pouches on their cheeks and short yellow fur with brown markings covering the backs and parts of their lightning bolt shaped tails this is perfect for sleeping, cosplay, Christmas, Holidays, Halloween and more!

It will keep your lovely darling all snug and cozy when sleeping or simply snuggling for a comfortable time in bed or around the house or even at sleep overs. In the trademark yellow of the Pikachu, its cute and friendly face upon the hood and a fully buttoned down front, this onesie, available in four sizes perfectly suitable for gifting purposes as well. A sure hit with the kids, this will see them have fun as the favorite Pokemon! Buy one for your own or gift one today.