Pig Mask Animal Adult Size

$ 27.99

Get Ready to Pig Out!


The apt costume for the ultimate prankster – can you imagine the effect you would have wearing this while hosting a BBQ party? Wouldn’t it be immensely entertaining to go “oink oink” as you grill?


  • Top quality latex is used for the mask – the structure is solid so it doesn’t rip or tear, but flexible at the same time.
  • Pull it over the head and get into the porky persona with élan!
  • Every feature like the eyes, ears, nose, and tiny lines are etched in accurate detail.
  • Don’t worry, there is plenty of breathing room so it doesn’t get stuffy or uncomfortable.
  • Nose slits and holes make sure your vision remains unimpaired.


Time for adults to let go of inhibitions and have loads of fun by wearing the mask – so what are you waiting for? Order one for yourself, or better still get a bunch for your friends too!