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Pig Mascot Adult Halloween Costume

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Go back to those wonderful days when storytelling meant the hilarious tale of the “Three Little Pigs”. Here is your chance to relive that era and enjoy immensely – simply put on this costume!


The light pink body combined with hand and foot covers in black; impart a realistic vibe to your overall appearance.

Fabric is lightweight and resistant to snags, rips or tears.

The costume is machine washable – retains quality and prevents discoloration even after multiple washes.

An interesting feature is that the hole in the mouth of the pig costume is meant to fit around your face - no need to worry about visibility.

The cute ears and nose look adorable – makes it all the more fun.


Stun your friends with this costume or Halloween, or even better; you can organize a fancy dress competition on your birthday! Hurry and place your order now.