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Panda Mask Animal Adult Size

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Panda Costumes

This panda mask in the adult size is for those days you want to have fun, make many others smile or simply hide inside something that is comfortable, cosy and gives you a floppy fun face. Utterly cute with a calm smile, like only Pandas can be, this mask made of latex is in the size of most adult heads.

Its a perfect Halloween mask and can even come across as suitably creepy for the ideal party prop toy. Keep it for photo booth activities or use it for re-enactments, over the top fantasies, childrens stories, theater and more.

It could even be used for pranks, creating some really odd photographs which will go down in your family and friends history and much more. So whether for halloween or quirky parties, this is a great purchase to have around. Complete with the characteristic panda eyes, ear and nose as well as a smile, this is a must buy.