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Owl Mask Animal Adult Size

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The owl mask is adult size, realistically crafted, has a bright yellow beak and intense eyes. The owl eyes are true to its fashion - all seeing, all noting. Made of latex, showcasing superior design and craftsmanship, it has the feather detail too!

Wear it to scare, to prank or to a storytelling session, cosplay and costume party to be in character without a second thought. This mask is a perfect match for a onesie or even an all black costume.

Perfect for Halloween, you are sure to turn heads. Ideal for theatre and re-enactments, this is a must-have if you are a unique, creative and funky personality. Channel the wise, majestic nature of the owl or simply be a prankster in it. The choice is yours. We are absolutely sure, you will love this piece. Choose to buy or gift today and put a grin on the face of your friends and family.