Narwhalicorn Mask Animal Adult Size

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Wear this Narwhalicorn mask and revisit your childhood when this mystical creature inhabited your dreams. After all, it is fun to let loose and turn into a kid every once in a while!

This mask is the fusion of two creatures – it is half unicorn and half narwhal, making your costume quite unique.

Even though there are no cutouts for the eyes, you can see through the nose holes and slits in the chin.
It is made using top grade latex that stretches well, so it will fit most adult heads with ease.
Very visually appealing with the smooth blue shade along with the rainbow-colored horn and mane – no wonder the creature is touted to be the guardian of the rainbow caves!

Ready to embody the legend of the grand Narwhalicorn? It is an incredibly cute mask, so buy it without further delay – you will have a gala time.