Mouse Onesie For Adults

$ 49.99

The gray and white mouse onesie is fun, cute and naughty at the same time! Perfectly designed with a mouse head hood and a tail, it is going to leave you being cuddled and loved by everyone alike.

You can be the coolest mouse ever known with this lovely, soft, smiling hooded, onesie with even the mouse moustache and pointy nose!

The fleece is soft on your body and will keep you comfortable in wintry nights and promises a good sleep. You will rock this onesie and automatically become the favorite prank planner of the party. And if it is a story telling party, rest assured, you will the favorite adult. Also suitable for fun Halloween parties and other such fancy dress fun evenings.

Bring out your best naughtiest in this adorable, cute and fun inspiriting onesie, designed to suit your sunny side!