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Lost Ocean Adult Coloring Book

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The lost ocean adult colouring book opens your eyes and mind to a magical world altogether. Created by Johanna Basford, this reflect her work as an illustrator and ink evangelist at its best. The book reflects the personality of those who prefer pens and pencils to pixels. In other words, those who prefer articles of artistry, creativity and stunning beauty and is the perfect gift for yourself and to all adults you know.

This particular colouring book with it intricate, hand-drawn illustrations helps release stress, bring in a sense of joy and accomplishment, create works of art simply and beautifully and fill in those moments in which you may be unable to express your feelings otherwise.

Her coloring books are loved the world over by those who have coloured in her previous bestselling books, Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest. And this particular one shows her prowess as a well know and respected artist like nothing else does.