Lion Mask Animal Adult Size

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Lion Costumes

Premium quality latex is unisex, fits all sizes and is 100% brand new. Perfect for re-enactments, theatre, storytelling nights, Halloween and even for a prank, this is a fun party prop. Slip it into the photo booth for moments of hilarity which will turn into eventual unforgettable anecdotes and stories that will pass down generations.

Definitely makes for one heck of a great party, a conversation piece, spicing up quiet nights with family and friends as well. So whatever be the occasion, bring in some fun moments, some raucous ones and create memories that will stay on for a really long time to come. What more, the camel face actually has quite a telling, smile, realistic coloring and structure. Let out the prankster in you or simply write a script to rival Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Replacing the head of the ass with a camel should really be no big deal!