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Leprechaun Mascot Adult Halloween Costume

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Instead of being a ghost, vampire, or ghoul, turn the tables this Halloween by dressing up as a leprechaun! Granted, it might not be a traditional costume for this occasion, but why not tweak the rules a bit?


Perform your leprechaun duties to the hilt by assisting kids to find the hidden pot of gold at the end of rainbow (getting candy while trick or treating).

Oversized hat headpiece – the green motif with golden border against the black background look awesome.

The chest piece includes the face and hair – the bright blue eyes and brown beard and hair, look extremely real.

The green tunic with its gold buttons and black slacks, along with striped red socks, complete the outfit beautifully.


Ready to dress up as the mischievous, little bearded man? All you need is a pipe and shoes, and you are all set - order this costume without fail!