LED Poi Balls, Set of 2 Batteries Included

$ 25.00

 Poi balls are something that dramatically enhances our energy and set the mode right for any outrageous party. These beautiful LED poi balls will let you unleash the party mode and allows you to spin it with right moves and motions. It is fun, colorful, and vibrant and gives us an esoteric feeling with vivid colors of movement lighting up the movement.

It is best for the beginners who will experience the radiance of blue, green, purple and red color at one go in an abstract foundation. It comes with two settings for different motions including the rainbow fade slow and fade fast. Take your parties to a different level in the paradise of colors and lights, with rainbow like colors in motion with these amazing LED Poi Balls.

Settings: blue, green, purple, red, lt blue
Fade settings: rainbow fade slow, rainbow fade fast
Soft outer & core - durable & great for all levels of play
Batteries included


Be the center of attraction and keep everyone entertained with your spinning. It teaches you an art that is irresistibly beautiful.