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Labrador Dog Small Stuffed Animal 19"

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Trying to spruce up your collection of awesome little stuffed animal plush toys? Then this large Labrador dog is all that you need. Proud and strong, this comes with a rich fur coat that really stands out, giving you that plush toy that carries a specific level of elegance, eloquence and charm. Not only is this a dog with a real quality to it in terms of the way it looks, but it’s pose is a perfect representation of what the real thing would look like when in such a position. 19 Inches Long!

Not only is this wonderful take on the lab a wonderfully charming looking pet, but it’s also one with a real firmness to it. As such, this can become the go-to option for cuddles, comfort and support on those hard days. For a companion that is going to last for years to come, turn to this awesome large Labrador dog stuffed animal plush!