Ladybug Onesie

Ladybug Onesie

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Made entirely of black and red, with a back in an oval shape like a bug, this dose of cuteness has a buttoned-up front and a cute bug smiley face on the hood complete with a pair of black antennae.

Snuggle in bed in it on a wintry night and you are sure to feel comfortable. Prepare to be naughty and mischievous as the playful Lady Bug who wins the day!

Did you think it to be impossible to look elite and ladylike in an adult onesie? Stand corrected as the Lady Bug Onesie presents itself to you. Made of soft flannel which is a pleasure to touch and wear, it will keep you snug and classy while having the right touch of cute to even gatecrash a children’s reading party. Also, it is a total winner at a fancy dress party and Halloween!