Koala Onesie for Adults

$ 49.99

The Koala onesie is one of the cutest in our collection of the soft fleece onesies.  These furry balls of love, Koalas have got even the most seasoned politicians and diplomats to become cuddly as we saw during the G20 Summit in Australia. Imagine the impact you’d have if you walked out of your room as a cute, paddy, fun koala.

The hugs will never stop! Totally fun as a onesie, its soft and cozy fleece will keep you really comfortable.

On the hood is two adorable Koala eyes, ears complete with the tuft of fleece made fur, the sweetest Koala nose and the happy Koala smile. White fronted, this gray onesie also has a small Koala tail behind. Just have fun, raise the cuteness quotient, be loved, adored and prepare to be bowled over by the joy that reaches out to you and the catapulting hugs.

Perfect for that wintry and rainy evenings when the little ones want to cuddle in your arms over a picture book. Get the Koala onesie today!