Owl Onesie Onesie for Kids

$ 38.99

The owl onesie is one of those rare creations which is fun, comfortable and perfect at the same time. With a good natured feel to it, this blue and white fleece onesie has wing formations on the arms and blue speckled feather like embossing on the white front.

The hood has the face of the owl, complete with an yellow beak and heavy set eyebrows giving it an overall adorable, inquisitive and wise look all the same time. Created for adults, don it for role play, theme parties or as a special treat during your child’s bedtime story.

The back is cute and blue with a perfect owl tail too. So fear not while reading out an owl story, you are completely ready for it! Your child will love to cuddle against you as will his/her little friends as this is the softest fleece available and is as comforting as a little baby’s fleece jacket. Have fun, wise one! Get one today.