Jane Tarzan Halloween Costume For Women

$ 52.00

No idea what to wear on Halloween? Rest assured, we are there to help you out – this Jane Tarzan costume is just what you need to dazzle everyone and have a gala time.


Look stunning as Jane while you attend the upcoming Halloween bash at your friend’s house – the outfit will ensure you are the centre of attraction.

The costume is intricately designed so you can portray the fictional love interest of Tarzan to perfection.

If you got ‘em flaunt ‘em – this is the ideal chance to show off that amazing figure you have been

working on for months.

No fuss, no muss costume – no complicated zippers or buttons, this is perhaps the handiest outfit for such occasions.


Not confident about your figure? Choose a size you feel comfortable wearing – Jane oozes sensuality the way she carries herself. Go ahead and place your order right away.