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Husky fans will love receiving this Big Husky Stuffed Animal for any occasion. The stuffed dog stands erect, his pink tongue hanging from his mouth as he looks at something that has caught his interest. The happy expression in his blue eyes will tug at your heart and make you want to wrap your arms around him or pet him. He has the same markings as a live Husky, with a plush chest and throat. His feet have indentations that indicate where his toes are, and his ears feature satiny pink centers and plush white faux fur. This big husky is part of our dog stuffed animals collection and will be a hit with anyone who loves this breed. Put him anywhere in your home or office and enjoy his happy presence while you work or relax. The stuffed Husky dog stands 22” high and measures 33” long and 10” wide.

 Fun Fact - Siberian Huskies Are Notorious Escape Artists