Hippo Latex Animal Mask

$ 24.99

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One size fits all hippo latex animal mask is perfect for a play, cosplay or a prank. In equal parts artistic with expert craftsmanship and equal parts grotesque, the mask is perfect to wear to a Halloween party. Wear it to a riverside picnic with kids to add to the environment. Throw in some fun games and you would be good to go.

Full overhead with a size that is fantastically well fit for quite literally every adult, you can share this mark with your friends and family and have a silly fun time with them. Create memories of lots of joy, fun and pleasurable laughter.

The hippo latex animal mask is a great way to welcome in holidays, bored weekends or simply a stay at home story telling session with the kids. A goofy family time is guaranteed with this one. Buy it for yourself or find an occasion to gift it to someone who would enjoy it.