Harley Quinn Inflatable Bat

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Includes Inflatable Bat only.

Creating the perfect Halloween costume is tricky, and you can get most things at the store and combine them, but some things will be a lot harder than you would have thought. Such is an example of Harley Quinn and her bat. Not anymore, however. You'll be able to get it for yourself with this inflatable option that is realistic to the beloved movie prop that will be almost impossible to replicate exactly. If you needed that perfecting detail, than you won't have to hunt for it any longer – it's yours and its totally accessible to perfect that costume once and for all.

This is meant to be as durable as you need it to be so that you'll be able to bring this around with you throughout the day. You'll also love the fact that it will store easily with the idea that you'll be able to simply let the air out of it and it'll stow away exactly as you want it to, making it in the right place for next year when it all needs to come together again.