Gold Hand of Fatima Necklace

$ 4.99

Brings the blend of a magnetic and alluring design with the perfect combination of adroit craftsmanship. It is a simple design that accentuates your look with a hand shaped locket which handsomely hangs to your neck. It is marvelously designed with detailed precision with an eye in the middle of the palm that symbolizes goodwill and allures with its vintage appearance. Its bold and contemplating grey color suits anyone and everyone, and it is wearable with all the casual clothes regularly. It is approximately 46.5 cm in size with a thickness of 2.5mm which gracefully clings to your neck and completes your calm and alluring appearance. Gift it to your friends and loved ones and see the joy on their face. Make this unique piece beautify of your neck and order it immediately. Be classy with simplistic approach by owning this piece that suits anyone and represents hot fashion.



Size: Approx:46.5cm(18 2/8") Long Thickness: 2.5mm( 1/8")