Giraffe Onesie

Giraffe Onesie

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Giraffe Costumes

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Ready to be a jumping giraffe in this exceedingly funny costume? This full-size outfit with a hood is ideal for theme parties and fancy dress competitions!

 Soft, floppy hood adds a touch of realism to your overall look – notice the tiny, beady eyes and the cute horns protruding from the sides.

Made with the best quality materials and lined with fleece – you don’t feel uneasy even after wearing it for hours.

Extremely simple to slip on and take off after the occasion is over.

Choose the appropriate size from small, medium, large, and extra large, so you are comfortable and can flex your arms and legs without difficulty.

Maintenance requires little time and effort. Dry clean at times or hand wash with cold water & air dry it afterward.


It is a great bargain, so you should place the order without further delay – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.