Giraffe Mask Animal Adult Size

$ 27.99


Want to spook everyone on Halloween? Ready to be a crowd-puller at the latest social gathering? All you need to do is put on this giraffe mask and observe the reaction of others – it is a guaranteed smash hit.


  • The mask covers the entire face and head, so your disguise is 100% ideal.
  • It is a one-size-fits-all mask since it is crafted using natural latex, and stretches easily so you can draw it over the head and adjust till you get a comfy feel.
  • Don’t miss the beady eyes complete with thick, fringed lashes just like you see on its live counterpart.
  • The detailing is extremely accurate starting from the color of the skin to the white lines crisscrossing on the face and its snout.
  • Wiggle the ears and horns playfully for a wonderful impact on your onlookers.


Grab this giraffe mask before it runs out – order right away!