german shepherd

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If your little one is fearful throughout the night of intruders, this gorgeous stuffed german shepherd plush is the best option for making sure that they sleep peacefully. Reminiscent of the dog itself, this is the best idea that you'll be able to find to quelling those nightmares once and for all. This realistic design measures to be 35” and will be perfect for a bed companion. If you want to make sure that all worries are tossed aside, this will be the one for the job.

This is also a great toy for those that want to have a realistic design. This is handmade to assure quality, and you'll love just how realistic it is to the real dog breed.

With soft fur and a great facial expression, this is also a great step to getting a dog if you want to make sure that your child is okay with the size and idea of having a dog. This is also great if you want to have a dog but can't for whatever reason. The perfect companion for baby and parent alike.

Gorgeous, life-sized plush dog!

Life-like features and a soft cuddly coat.

Fun Fact - The GSD is the second most registered dog in the United States