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Geman Sheperd Dog Mask Animal Adult Size

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Dog Halloween Costumes

A dog is a man’s best friend – so why don’t you get under the skin of your bestie for a day? It could be a great idea to impersonate a German Shepherd at the next costume party you have to attend.

High-quality latex has been used to manufacture the mask – it has amazing longevity, so you can continue to enjoy it for quite some time.

Easy to wear – simply pull it on over the head and since it is flexible, you can adjust it accordingly.
Excellent job when it comes to imparting realism – the eyes, nostrils, ears, and the pink lolling tongue, make the disguise all the more convincing.
Your vision is unrestricted as the nose holes allow you to see clearly – no need to worry about falling or tripping.


    Time for some search and rescue missions – don’t miss this wonderful opportunity, and place the order ASAP!