Game of Thrones Jon Snow Night's Watch Cloak

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Night's Watch Cloak

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If you need the perfect Halloween costume to make sure that you are one of the crowd, than this Jon Snow cloak is an amazing option for those who are looking specifically for GOT costumes. You'll be able to layer this over any other costume you want and make your own look with this cloak as the finishing touch.  

This is intended for adults, but this is great as an option amongst the costumes for teens. With a top closure and realistic faux fur, you'll look the part of Jon Snow from top to bottom.

This cloak closes with an X over the front and is a large size to fit everyone looking for the costume. You can tailor it to fit you exactly, or you can look at fitting it loose so that you can repurpose it, or share it with a friend.

Out of the options for 2017 Halloween costumes, this is going to certainly be amongst the trending costumes. Do yourself a favour and go about it with the right props to really help you look the part.