Galaxy Bear 3D Printed Sweatshirt

$ 29.99

Once in a while we come across 3D art that takes our breath away. We stand and we stare. We have brought that to your TShirt. Against a burst of the galaxy, stars, a riot of electric blue and black, stands a screaming bear face - mesmerising and stunningly gorgeous at the same time.


Wear it on stage as a performing artiste, or wear it at a party that deserves your best form, or wear it as a lounge - this sweatshirt sends out a message which is clear in more ways than one. It is unique, it is you and it redefines what you mean. Made of Cotton, Polyster and Spandex - this is super comfortable.


Fashionable and with a sense of artistic freedom and expression, the Galaxy Bear 3D Printed Sweatshirt is a must have. No matter what you are thinking at the moment, this Sweatshirt will bring in the spirit of the bear within you - a powerful totem- an emblem of grounding and great strength- it is what everyone wants to be. And now, you have it in a Sweatshirt to remember. Take it away.

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