g Border Collie

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The decor of your home is something that is critical in getting right to make sure that you have the right overall look and feel. This is a realistic design that is comfortable and perfect for hugging if you want it for a child's room. With a strong frame inside to keep it upright and looking its best for years of enjoyment and comfort, this is a great investment child's toy that will be around forever.

The long fur of the border collie is represented here and great for petting. The happy expression and cute tongue on the plush is perfect for children and adults alike. This is a great gift for someone who loves border collies or dog lovers in general.

Measuring at 27 x 22 x 14 in. and just under 3lbs, you'll be able to put this anywhere you want and it'll do great things. This can even be a transitional toy that grows with the baby as time goes on. Perfect option.